Valuing a Recruitment Agency Service – 10 Tough Employer Concerns

Small and large businesses alike look on their employees as great driving forces for a business success over long years of business exposure. Dealing with a recruitment agency and recruitment agency policies can be a nice move for your business and growth.

How can you be sure you have quality employees? Is your company big enough to get the best for the human resource department and then let them hire the best people for the various units and positions in your company? Or you may be a hardworking boss who sees to it that you have the quality workforce that the hiring process mostly depends on you? Or maybe you are an owner/manager who wants to focus more on running and expanding business boundaries that you rely on recruitment agencies to get the whole system in a faster and more productive function?

Here are the 10 tough employer concerns you need to consider in dealing with recruitment agency services for business development functions:

• Service Cost – Getting to costs is the top question people ask in dealing with every business issue. Knowing every recruitment agency’s service charges can be a tough decisive factor. A recruitment agency’s modes of charging every included service when and how to get the best recruitment agency for your company. The famous trend here is the “no placement/fee policy” wherein you only have to pay the recruitment agency once they place an employee to your company.

• Charging Rates – Ask every recruitment agency for their rate of charges to give you some options before narrowing down your search. Charging a percentage of the employee’s salary during his first year is the usual agency’s charging process. To give you a glimpse of it, fees are often charged between the rates of 105 to 30%. You may think this is somewhat costly but just think of getting more productivity and profitable results from a particular employee from a reputable recruitment agency. agency near me

• Rebate Structure – A recruitment agency’s handsome way to attract clients is to offer them a rebate structure. This is used a security measure in cases where an employee leaves a company earlier than expected. As an example, an employer may be offered an 80% refund if the hired employee leaves the company in 2-3 weeks.

• CV Policy – Employers should inquire about very agency’s policy on CV submissions so they will know what to expect and how to shortlist employees based on quality.

• Client Testimonials – if you are new in seeking for recruitment agency services, make sure to look for client testimonials. Testimonials are your guarantee that the agency is an established, reputable highly valuable in serving companies, especially companies related to your industry.

• Agency Volume – Considering some agencies for your human resource needs depend on how big your company is and how many employers you need to hire in the process. As a wise move, start with about 3-5 agencies and see if they meet your hiring standards really well. You can add more or replace some based on your needs and preferences.

• Specialist Agency – These are some specific agencies in every industry to fill every employer’s needs. These agencies are more costly than regular agencies. However, these are expert providers and offer you more expert advice in getting the best employees for your company.

• Trade Bodies – Look for agency or affiliations or official memberships to get the most value for your money and for more security purposes.

• Check References – Confirm with the agency about each candidate references or if they could cross-check references for you.

• Facilities – Recruitment tools/facilities such as the interview room, salary survey information and psychometric testing are very essential collaboration tools for an employer in getting a great recruitment agency service.



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