Mi Note 10 Pro – Why Do I Like it So Much?


Mi Notebook is one of the most popular brands of laptop in the markets today. Priced starting from just 4,899 yuans, the Mi Note 10 Pro easily fits into any kind of budget. Equipped with powerful hardware and advanced software, this portable notebook is one of the best buys in the market today. With the right accessories, it can transform into a gaming station. Given below are some simple tips to buy the best Mi Notebook, which helps you make the right choice for your needs. Mi Note 10 Pro

There are many options available for those who want to buy a new notebook, but it becomes difficult to choose which one to buy. While there are various brands available in the markets, the Mi Note 10 Pro offers features like, ten gigabytes of memory, aluminum body, long battery life, sleek design, comfortable keyboard, wide screen, high-end sound system, and front facing camera. Hence, price comparison is important to get the best deal.

Mi Notebook is equipped with a large and strong screen that offers high density graphics, excellent clarity and is very easy to browse the web with. The large and strong screen, along with the anti-glare display technology offers brilliant viewing experience. It comes with a pixel perfect HD camera, enabling you to capture memories of your trip easily. It has an interesting two cameras, namely, the front mounted cam and the flash enabled one, to enable you to take excellent pictures with good clarity. For transferring the pictures to the computer, you can connect the micro SD card and use the card reader to access the data. In addition, the device also comes with a Fingerprint sensor, which allows you to open the door locks and use the Mi Notebook as a security and authentication device for entering your home.

The front and rear cameras of the Mi Notebook are very impressive. In fact, it has a digital camera, a laser auto focus lens, a flip cam, a heatproof and water resistant camera module, a double USB cable and a Finger print sensor, to provide an advanced security and authentication system. The front and rear cameras of the device have an infrared laser auto focus lens, allowing you to take clear pictures with zero light. The device also comes with a unique feature of having a Dropbox application, which helps you to store all your files on the cloud and can be accessed from any computer.

The other interesting feature of the Mi Notebook Pro is the excellent picture and video quality. It comes with a dual LED camera, allowing you to take quality videos and photos. You can shoot in portrait mode, landscape mode, and panoramic mode, and can select between twenty four, sixty and ninety frames per second. This high speed, high resolution digital camera also features an anti-shake, low light optical zoom, and has two auto focusing sensors, as well as an optical image stabilization. These amazing features make the Mi Notebook Pro a great choice for anyone who wants to capture high quality photographs and videos.

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